BeachMatt's Listing & Marketing Plan

*   Review competing listings and comparable sales to determine value

 *   Photograph property interior and exterior 

 *    Produce a YouTube virtual tour for internet and Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

*    Enter property into MLS

*    Suggest and advise any changes to the property that would make it more saleable 

*    Post property on 13+ different websites (i.e.,,,,, etc.) for

      maximum internet exposure

*   Notify neighbors that property is on the market (potential buyer referrals)

*   Social Media marketing plan to reach a large number of potential buyers

*    Allow easy access and helpful information to all area real estate agents 7 days a week

*    Follow up with agents that have shown property for their feedback

 *    Enhanced lockbox system for secure and easy access to the property

*    Regular market updates and reports to property owner

*    Negotiate the highest dollar value possible

*    Excellent title company contacts to complete the sale.